We help organizations improve their business by becoming more effective and overcome challenges related to interpersonal relations and group dynamics

Developing organizations requires change, changing behavior, changing processes, changing structures or roles, but never change for the sake of change itself.

We are committed to creating change that always serves the purposes of our client, improving their business and making it more effective.

Improving business and increasing effectiveness

Stronger business

An effective organization must show strong financial and technical performance, quality products and services, and high productivity. A people-centric approach is not opposed to business performance but a complementary path of getting there.

Increased engagement
and satisfaction

Organizational effectiveness and performance are closely tied to satisfied and loyal customers, suppliers, and other external stakeholders as well as engaged and satisfied employees.


New perspectives introduce innovation and creativity, enabling organizations to optimize and employ unique competencies and resources that help them stand out from the rest of the market.

Our approach to organizational development

We place a dual focus on task and process. Our people-centric, system-based development practices unfold through an explicit use of organizational psychology, group dynamic theory, and sensemaking.

Our approach is intensely focused on improving the business of the organization as well as the inter-personal processes taking place below the surface.

Maintaining this dual focus enables us to offer support through theories on how social and technical systems can coexist to produce individual satisfaction and sustainable organizational results.

Customize or not?

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Workshop facilitation

Increased ownership through co-creation

Facilitation is for us about establishing an energetic, engaging process ensuring innovation, creativity, and openness from all participants. However, important topics and areas of relevance are often overlooked when using internal facilitators.

Our key contributions as facilitators:

  • Scope, design, and co-create the workshop to align with your objectives
  • Facilitate and drive the workshop, enabling you to participate and contribute
  • Ensure the workshop stays on track and that agreed decisions are made
  • Engage, mobilize, and empower your team members or organization to deal with important topics or sensitive issues
  • Utilize our experience and best practices gained from other organizations to bring more value to yours

Can be delivered as a single session for one team, or as a large roll-out across the organization.

Participant profile: a group or organization with a pre-defined topic or organizational goal

Duration: from a half day to several days


Intervention process

Identifying and managing organizational challenges

For us, an intervention process means a range of structured, pragmatic, and carefully planned activities designed to help improve your organization by overcoming challenges primarily related to interpersonal relations and group dynamics.

We collect data and analyze your organization with methods including:

  • Individual interviews
  • Focus group interviews
  • Observations
  • Surveys

We intervene in parts of your organization or the entire organization with methods including:

  • Individual coaching
  • Team supervision and development sessions
  • Action learning workshops
  • Training sessions
  • Work- and organizational-design consultation

Intervention processes can be targeted at individuals, groups, or the entire organization.

Participant profile: an organization with the need for new perspectives to solving internal complex challenges

Duration: adjusted to the specific project

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